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  • November 29, 2016
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We have detected that you are using an Ad-blocker plugin. Never sure if it was left or right though. its a worn out gold, with an almost bronze finish. So finally on New Years at age 30 I decided to pierce the other ear and start wearing them again – no flack at work whatsoever – actually I received many compliments. Although, I am still not sure if I want one helix piercing or two…Is it possible to… If you think it does, then you have very immature views. …I have already got my ears pierced but I am planning to get a second ear piercing only for my left ear (I am a girl).

However I have to attend a wedding next month, and I would like to get the second piercing done this time so I can have a whole month to… Instead of having a hole in each earlobe, they’re opting for three–even five–holes on an ear. I’d put some Neosporin on my ear at night, and when it felt better, I’d start wearing earrings again. So, how noticeable is a piercing in the ear lobe? I had one (a 10g bent barbell) back in the mid-90’s. I am Straight and have wanted pierced ears since High School. In her book, Jewels and Women: the romance Magic and Art of Feminine Adornment, American author Marianne Ostier notes that ear piercing and the wearing of earrings, large or small, is an almost universal practice for men and women.

tragus (R)? nose? The spot was cleaned with alcohol, and the earring was snapped in with a kind of gun. cartilage/helix? industrial? And if the hole is still partially there, there is absolutely no reason for them to pierce anywhere else, so if they suggest that, go elsewhere. or lobe?

So if I press against my upper lip, I can feel the point of the tooth… What side does NOT mean “lesbian” when getting a facial piercing? …OK, Um so I am going to get my upper lip pierced, but I’m NOT gay. So which side does not mean “lesbian”??? So I really don’t believe that stuff is true about ,”this side means this”, or whatever, but my friends do. Please help!!!!! Thank you …

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