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  • November 29, 2016
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A continous lingering of cold could be sinusitis. It is an air-filled space situated between the ear drum and inner ear. Duration of vertigo: How long the vertigo lasts.- attacks of vertigo which may last only for few seconds and occur up to 30 times a day, as typically found in some forms of vestibular paroxysmia, a disorder analogous to trigeminal neuralgia, or does the patient suffer from a persistent vertigo which may last days, weeks or even years? This condition is called Noise Induced Hearing Loss which has no cure. Amit Kumar Maurya is post graduate qualified senior audiologist and speech therapist at Audicco Speech Hearing Center at Zen Multispecialty Hospital, Chembur East, Mumbai. Helps in thinning of mucus. The Voice Clinic staff performs a physical examination and specialized tests to determine the nature and extent of the problem.

ENT and Hearing Specialist, is the Chief ENT Surgeon at Neoalta. In her role, Dr. Here we investigate whether epithelial stem cell transplantation can ameliorate noise-induced hearing loss in mice. Vertigo usually lasts for several days or weeks. Board of Examiners Dr. Dr Nitish Jhawar is Chief of Laparoscopic Surgery at Neoalta with 14 years of surgical experience. In his role, Dr.

Nitish will mentor and support the development and implementation of several sub-specialties within the clinic, including gastroenterology, colon and rectal surgery, Hernia and general surgery. Beyond Neoalta, Dr. Nitish practices at Fortis Hiranadani Hospital at Vashi as the Senior Laparoscopic and General Surgeon. He is also the Director – Colorectal Clinic at Fortis Hiranandani Hospital. In Mumbai, he practices at Joy Hospital Chembur.. Business Head – International Operations & Director Marketing 14+ years of experience in International Trade, Business development, Marketing Focuses on Oil & Gas , Medical Equipment & Health care Industry Prior experience include Head of Business Development for a large conglomerate in Oil & Gas Industry in UAE. ( 8 years) Worked with BLR India ltd as International Business Development-Manager .

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