Bask in the Glow: How to Steam Your Face with Essential Oils

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  • November 30, 2016
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Time will tell how the FDA warning letters are dealt with by these companies. Can you please give me your suggestion? I don’t know why it always happens then, but it always does. Then there is Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Dinner and the inevitable New Years dinner party and celebration. My exploration of essential oils began from here. Steaming detoxes the skin by opening the pores and softening the dirt and debris they hold. I feel relief right away!

Think of it as a steamroom for your face. Giving your skin a good steaming also enhances the effects of your skincare. These properties are then absorbed by the body and used to treat certain common or uncommon ailments. For sufferers of the dreaded ragweed allergy, chamomile is in the same family and can make your reaction worse. A good steam boosts circulation and makes skin look dewy, youthful, and alive. The term neuroma is also a misnomer, since it means “nerve tumor” but an acoustic neuroma is a schwannoma. Gather a large bowl, big enough to hold approximately 4- 6 cups of water, a large towel, and your essential oils of choice.

A little research on essential oils prior to performing your steam will offer best results. For example, tea tree and rosemary are good for acne, rose and jasmine work well on dry or mature skin, and geranium and lavender are best for sensitive skin. I’ve included a screenshot below so you can see the exact SNP is and the associated alleles. This oil has also been known to help with heartburn, acne, gallstones, and respiratory issues. FYI, while you are brushing you will taste the baking soda but after you rinse you are left with a minty, tingly feeling and taste. How can a person go wrong? How do I know all this?

Think again. dōTERRA brand essential oils, which are considered by many to be the purest and best quality essential oils, are utilized. Add your tea and essential oils to the water. This is the go to guide for most doTERRA Essential Oil users & consultants. – AVOID rosemary and sage during pregnancy as these can cause serious harm. This ingrown hair treatment is effective, and I’m sure the oils chosen were chosen for their health benefits–but not only for their health benefits. You can also apply a bit to your forehead if you have a headache.

If you’d like to go the full nine yards, treat yourself to a facial steaming kit. Natural beauty creator, May Lindstrom, believes so strongly in the powers of steam that she has come out with her own Steam Collection. The set includes a steam vessel, silk scarf, tea, beauty oil, and scent experience. New mother and organic beauty guru, Spirit Demerson, is a devotee of this set. You can also add a few drops of essential oils for hemorrhoids. No pots or kettles required.

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