Beep, beep- Anyone been hearing weird beeps in their home or elsewhere?, page 2

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  • November 30, 2016
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Song list (in order of occurrence) Dance (Ass) Remix – Big Sean (feat. I have heard a warning signal not covered in my instruction book. she says it started every time she puts her head on pillow then now its continuous no matter how she positions she head. Contrary to the feeling, the ringing you hear is in your brain, not your ears. Like I am not even wearing the things.. And well more than once- the cats have heard them, too- they perk up and have that “whuh?” look. To truly activate the efferent and afferent systems one has to allow a pause, then a presentation.

Pain is the biggest indicator. I woke up, heard the cellphone beep, located it within a couple seconds, plugged it in. I was very happy to learn this over the weekend! These other beeps, are NOT like the cellphone, and with the exception of the watch I was hearing- I kinda wonder if someone wasn’t lurking outside- that whole area was checked, and I had to move the a/c unit in the window recently- all I found was crud in the window frame, and spiders. But, I digress. For cellphone vs the mystery beep, I knew what it was, where it was, and knew what to do about it. Mystery beep- Nope.

I will admit to one other thing, however. I was awoken one morning by a woman’s voice calling my name, just as clear as anything. This has happened twice to my knowledge. The first time, it was a woman’s voice who called my name and told me “don’t give up!” (I was nose deep in a very BAD personal problem). THAT time, I was awakened by it, yes- but I was so upset I told the voice to shove it.

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