Caffeine Consumption Lowers Tinnitus Risk

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  • November 29, 2016
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How many of us heard warnings not to drink coffee when we were kids because it would “stunt our growth,” or later in adulthood that it would cause hypertension or cancer? How can i get rid of … The results were highest in younger and middle aged women suffering with this condition as they upped their caffeine intake the risk of developing Tinnitus was significantly lowered. More studies are planned to help better understand the correlation between caffeine and tinnitus. Dr Desmond lives in Davidson, NC, with his wife and teenage daughter. Anyway, my guess (because we’ll never know): You already were a little anxious when you went to the coffee place, which made you hypersensitive. In 2009, 18 years after they joined the study, the women were asked questions about tinnitus, including date of onset, where applicable.

Drinking 4 or more cups of coffee a day can help reduce the chances of getting obesity by 50% plus additional cups reduce the risk by 7% ! However, drinking a couple of cups a day, along with eating a healthy and balanced diet, won’t hurt and might just help you maintain a healthy weight. There is no pain, but every morning I wake up and my ears feel like they’re being hugged and it takes a shower to get them back to a normal feeling. But the boost of energy you get from a cup of coffee doesn’t happen in an instant. Those that researched this project stated that more research needs to be performed before a conclusive link can be understood and in the relation of caffeine to the inner ear and why it clearly changed this pattern in women. The new drug works on a protein called Kv3 that helps form pores on the surface of nerve cells in the area of the brain connected with hearing. They gave the participants 150 mg of caffeine in coffee and asked them to sleep for about 15 minutes.

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