Company claims it has launched the first pharmaceutical cure for tinnitus

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  • November 30, 2016
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Launched last year for people having trouble hearing their TV, HyperSound technology generates a directional, narrow beam of audio in the air that can be pointed to a very specific location. BT engineers will be aware that the oscillator and amplifier tone sets supplied by BT came in four classifications described as green sets, yellow sets unmodified, yellow sets modified and blue sets. Prolegal’s team appreciate the effects tinnitus has upon an individual and whilst there is no specific cure for tinnitus at present, we can assist is seeking compensation for treatment in the form of sound pillows or tinnitus maskers which create white noise that has the effect of distracting the individual from the noise caused by the tinnitus. Her counsel Stephen Laing said: “He lifted the cymbal up to around level with the pursuer’s ear with his arm outstretched. Tinnex is described as a glutamate antagonist with a single injection that corrects the spontaneous depolarization state. Receptors start functioning again in a normal physiological way, giving permanent cure from tinnitus to patients, the company claims. In the meantime, any member who feels they may have suffered as a result of using the oscillator and amplifier tone sets, should register their claim via their local Branch Secretary or the CWU’s Accident Helpline on freephone 0800 804 6674.

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