Figure 5: STCs report changes in presynaptic evoked glutamate release…

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  • December 14, 2016
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Age-related hearing loss (ARHL) represents one of the most common chronic health problems that faces an aging population. Cortical thinning in the occipital cortex, measured using MRI, correlates with disease duration (Jubault et al., 2011), with maximal cortical thinning seen in the lateral occipital complex and parietal regions (Pereira et al., 2012). We included both the tinnitus loudness as well as tinnitus sensation level, because the tinnitus loudness is a subjective measure of how loud the patient perceives the tinnitus, and the tinnitus sensation level is a more objective measure of the tinnitus including a control for hearing loss at the tinnitus frequency. They employed three groups of subjects to test the separation; those with hearing loss but no tinnitus, those with hearing loss and tinnitus, and a control group of those with normal hearing and no tinnitus. In the 1930s, when researchers first began to investigate what caused addictive behavior, they believed that people who developed addictions were somehow morally flawed or lacking in willpower. We are also interested in hearing-loss and deafness. Spike-timing-dependent synaptic plasticity and network stability We explore how the activity and stability (e.g.

Our results support the notion that the role of the auditory cortex in tinnitus is not restricted to perceptual aspects.

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