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Phosphorus irritates, inflames and degenerates mucous membranes, irritates and inflames serous membranes, inflames spinal cord and nerves, causing paralysis, destroys bone, especially the lower jaw and tibia; disorganizes the blood, causing fatty degeneration of blood vessels and every tissue and organ of the body and thus gives rise to hemorrhages, and hematogenous jaundice. Prepared by mixing aqueous phosphoric acid with a sufficient quantity of potash, hydrate or carbonate, until the reaction is slightly alkaline, and evaporating. Uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA. In a young child ear ache may accompany teething as the pain from the gums radiates to the ear: Chamomilla 6c or 30c is the best homeopathic remedy in this case. Sensation as if a part were expanding and other errors of perception are characteristic. Right temples especially affected. Aconitum Napellus (Acon.) A state of fear, anxiety; anguish of mind and body.

This treatment also available for tinnitus that accompanied with insomnia. In these two directions it has won many clinical laurels. Remember it in the treatment of suspected malignant tumors. ear; noises in ear; rushing; distant; brom. Formication all over the body. Giddy on attempting to rise. Amaurosis.

Dose Sixth potency. Very nervous, starts easily, irritable. Fixed ideas. And once it’s finally gone, you can be left with a ringing in your ears, likely the result of the passages that have narrowed and become dried during your infection. 5 oz package. This remedy is given when fluids have been lost through vomiting, diarrhea, heavy sweating and surgery or any other situations i.e. It is especially functional in cases when useful tinnitus occurs after influenza or along with Meniere’s disease.

Sensation like a bubble bursting in forehead, running around left side of head. Dull frontal headache, with occasional shooting pains from r. temple into head, in afternoon. May have ringing or pulsations in the ear, and the ear pain tends to extend from the throat to the ear. Headache with cracking in left ear, followed by pain in left temple, then in vertex, with nausea, and abatement of pain in forehead. Pain in right ear, worse evening. Lancinating in right temple, from within out.

Add one drachm of the Fl. Calc. High fever with eruptive fevers. Headache on top of head and forehead, particularly through temples. The rule in homeopathy is when you aggravate or have any significant reaction, you stop and let the medicine work, and only take more when this subsides and the old things start returning. Tearing pain in occiput. ^^ Pain from neck up to back of head.

^^ Sensation running up into head from body like lightning. When waking in morning, headache with vomiting, stitches in right side of chest. Headache : with nausea ; < sitting up in bed ; with nausea and vomiting ; in afternoon, with occasional fluttering of heart ; daily from 12 M. It may act as Euthanasia here. Depressed spirits, general irritability, or great impatience. ; < stooping ; all day, > after combing hair. Nervous headache.

Pain in left supraorbital and left temporal region, the seat of pain being tender to touch ; pain and aching over left eye ; objects appear as if seen through a mist ; blackness before eyes, must sit down for a few moments. Dimness of sight. Stinging pains. Nebula ; leucoma ; pterygium. Macula and ulcers on cornea. ^^ Pain in eyes mornings when awaking, > by washing. ear; noises in ear; singing; like a kettle; 2lach., tarent.

Confusion of mind in the morning. Ringing, buzzing in ears. Cracking in left ear, with headache. Difficult hearing ; deafness. Zinc; Gels; Cimicif; Laches; Mur ac. Warmth of spine extending to head. Slight stitches in left ear, followed by a small abscess in external portion of meatus auditorius.

^^ External sensitiveness of right ear and temple. ^^ All the parts around ear feel swollen and uncomfortable ; slight pain in (right) deaf ear, extending up into temple, with external sensitiveness. ^^ Behind the ear, pain from neck. ^^ All ear symptoms, like cold in head, have been on right side, where ear is deaf ; left ear occasionally sympathizing. Entire left side of face and cheek feel as if paralyzed. ^^ After taking first powder, the blister on face, for which the medicine was given, seemed rather smaller and harder ; after the second, it was softer and felt sore, and a small pimple appeared on face ; the morning after the third, surface of blister was irregular. Dry throat all night, could scarcely speak ; when she got into a position in which she could sleep a little, the dryness of throat awoke her.

^^ In morning on rising very sore throat and earache in both ears. Acute, pressure, neuralgic pain above right frontal portion of head (from inhalation by an atomizer). Sore throat < left side. When the pain is severe in the eye-ball, feels as if it were being pressed asunder, shooting pains from the right eye to the occiput, prunus spinosa is the remedy needed. ^^ Warmth and burning in stomach, acceleration of pulse, increased urination, increased transpiration, excitement of sexual organs, viscous, stinking urine, with gouty patients. Burning pain in stomach, with oppression and weight. Constant pressure at cardiac end of stomach, and a burning pain there. ^^ After having a thin evacuation with bellyache, every morning for a week, without much relief from the eruption, there appeared in the evening, at 8 or 9 o’clock, violent diarrhoea and vomiting. Diarrhoea after meals, or only during day, not at night, or day and night, or before midnight. Diarrhoea, with tenesmus ; pain in bowels before stool. Loose diarrheic stool, which left a desire for another stool, with an uncomfortable feeling in anus, as if the passage was not all through, and more must pass. Difficult passage of small quantities of flatus in morning ; afterwards diarrhoea like urging in rectum. Diarrhoea of children. ^^ In the morning second stool. Cerebral anaemia. Constipation and sensation of constriction of sphincter ani. Pressure in rectum, < evening and in bed. Painful desire in anus and rectum for stool, which, however, will not pass. Tapeworm. Bryonia Alba (Bry.) Excessive irritability. Seminal emissions. Weakness of sexual organs. Scanty ejaculation with incomplete erection. ear; noises in ear; whistling; aeth., alum., 2ambr., aur., bell., carb-an., caust., chel., cur., elaps., ferr., graph., hep., hura., kreos., lyc., mag-c., manc., merc., mur-ac., 2nux-v., puls., sars., sep., sil., teucr., verat., zinc. Mental symptoms from sexual excesses and from secret vice. Itching on scrotum. Violent penetrating itching at right nipple. Violent prickling, pressing stitches in region of left nipple ; later on left side of back, but more violent ; still later, the same sensation on other parts of body. ^^ Soreness in neck and up into head ; > by external pressure. Exaggeration of duration of time and extent of space, seconds seem ages, a few rods an immense distance. ^^ In morning, on gargling her throat, when hawking, suddenly a violent pain in left side of nape of neck, extending down left arm, can scarcely move it, < above elbow ; > in evening in left arm, but it went to right, where it was < than before ; on bending head back, could scarcely bring it forward again, on account of pain ; whole neck stiff, and very painful up to back of head, < from least motion ; on wishing to rise from bed, must press both hands behind ears, cries out on least motion. ^^ Into the neck pain with least turn or twist. ^^ After sitting up pain in neck < again, > by application of a hot iron. Violent itching on left shoulder-blade. Pain in back.

Severe pain across sacrum and dorsum of each hand, < on motion. Affection of spinal cord. Itching in armpits in morning. ^^ Pain from neck down left arm ; in evening to right ; could scarcely move her arm. Eczema of the palms. ^^ Pain < in upper arm, above left elbow. This remedy has made some good cures of interstitial keratitis in syphilitic patients. Pain leaves left arm and goes to right. Severe pain through pelvis, as if from one acetabulum to the other. Bruised pain in hips at night in bed, causing him to change from side to side. Legs felt as if she had no power in them, sore and tired ; sensation across abdomen as if bruised below navel, also tired feeling in back ; felt a little giddy. Lancinating pain in left knee-joint, waking him from sleep. Rheumatic pains in knee-joints, < walking. Cramp in both feet, especially in soles near toes.

Gout ; gouty pain in limbs. Arthritis vaga. Chronic gout and stiffness of joints. Face Livid and Sunken, with hollow eyes. Checked foot-sweat. θ Chorea. Sensation as if muscles were strained and being torn from attachment.

Rheumatism appearing suddenly, mostly in joints, with restlessness ; patients desire motion, although it makes pain more acute ; pains > by pressure ; sweat without relief ; right side principally and more severely affected than left. Dyspnea. Rheumatic or gouty pains. Stiffness and contraction of joints. Sitting : upon bed, headache with nausea < ; pain in neck . Bending head : could scarcely bring it forward again on account of pain. Paralysis of the optic nerve. Pain in hip compels him to change from side to side. Closing jaws : severe pain in neck. Attempting to rise : giddiness ; pain in neck. Can scarcely move arm for pain. Letters run together when reading. Ascending stairs : feeling as if sexual parts had gone to sleep. Motion : cough < ; pain in back of neck < ; pain across sacrum and dorsum of each hand < ; < pain, but patient desires it. Languid feeling of whole system, with pain in all the limbs, accompanied by chills and horripilations along spine. Legs felt as if she had no power in them. Great lassitude and prostration. General weakness of the whole muscular system. Faintings. Limbs lame ; paralyzed. Paralysis. Spasms. A long, horribly maltreated chorea lessened as soon as the foot-sweat, which had been checked, was brought on again by putting feet in a bag with living ants and creating steam with hot stones. Dose, three tablets of the sixth decimal once in two hours. Affections of the spinal cord. Strengthens the nerves. ^^ All night dry throat, woke her out of sleep. ^^ Disagreeable sweat during night, awoke with clammy skin. ^^ Passed a dreadful night ; pains suddenly return with violence, only lessening somewhat after midnight. ^^ Could get to sleep if she could get the right position. Wakes up early and feels that she has had sufficient sleep. When awaking in morning : headache ; vomiting, with headache ; pain in eyes ; stitches in ear. Morning : after dressing, giddiness ; headache ; headache with vomiting ; pain in eyes ; earache ; dry throat ; sore throat ; difficult passage of small quantities of flatus ; second stool ; long-lasting erections after urinating ; violent pain in left side of neck ; itching in armpits ; sweat. Day : headache ; diarrhoea ; cough with vomiting. Malignant gangrenous conditions, prostrations, etc Paralysis of the vocal cords. Evening : forgetful ; vomiting with diarrhoea ; pressure in rectum < ; pain in arm > ; pain goes from left to right arm. Night : dry throat ; diarrhoea ; cough < ; cough with vomiting ; bruised pain in hip. After midnight : pains >. Creating steam with hot stones in a bag of live ants brought back foot-sweat. Cough when exposed to dry and cold wind. Cold water : headache < during and when washing with cold water ; renews burning pains. Great liability to take cold. Consequences of cold and wet ; cold bathing ; damp weather. ^^ Shuddering chilliness with pain in belly. Swelling of the face; lips; parotid; submaxillary; ulcer on lip. ^^ Disagreeable sweat during night. ^^ Perspired for about half an hour, but without slightest amelioration of pain in arm. ^^ At noon, after drinking tea, copious sweat without relief. Sweat without relief. Very profuse menstruation, painful, dark but without clots. Attacks : of violent cough with vomiting. Every morning : thin evacuation with bellyache ; Earlier every day : headache. Daily from 12 M. to 10 P. M. : headache with nausea. Third day : menses pale and scanty with bearing down pain in back. Fourth day : menses darker. Right : shooting pains in temple ; lancinating in temple ; boring in temple ; stitches in side of chest ; spasmodic twitching of upper eyelid sensitiveness of ear and temple ; violent penetrating itching at right nipple ; pain from neck down arm ; severe pain above elbow ; rheumatic pain in elbow-joint, in forearm, in wrist, along course of ulna. Left : pain in supraorbital region ; sensation of bubble bursting in side of head ; headache in forepart of head and temple ; cracking in ear ; pain in temple ; pain and aching over eye ; stitches in ear ; small abscess on external portion of meatus auditorius ; side of face and cheek feel as if paralyzed ; pain in decayed molar ; side of throat sore ; a kind of nervous, floating, jerking pain in half of penis ; prickling stitches at nipple ; on side of back ; closing jaws severe pain in neck ; severe pain down arm ; violent itching of shoulder-blade ; pain from neck down arm ; pain in upper arm above elbow ; lancinating pain in knee-joint. Pains left then right ; right then left. Polypus Aurium. Pain : in left supraorbital region ; in forepart of head ; in left temple ; in forehead ; in vertex ; from neck up to back of head ; over left eye ; in both ears ; in right ear extending up into temple ; from neck behind ear ; in decayed last molar left side ; in neck ; in bowels ; down left arm ; in back ; in upper arm above left elbow ; from left arm to right ; in all limbs. Severe pain : in vertex ; in neck ; in belly ; across sacrum and dorsum of each hand ; above right elbow ; through pelvis as if from one acetabulum to the other. Lancinating : in right temple ; in left knee-joint. Tearing pain : in occiput. Cutting pain : in head ; into ear. Shooting pains : from right temple into head. Boring : in right temporal region. Stitches : in right side of chest ; in left ear ; in region of left nipple. Prickling stitches : in region of left nipple ; in left side of back ; on other parts of body. Pleuritic pains : inner chest and lungs. Balanitis. Cramp : in both feet ; in soles. Neuralgic pains : in temples. Rheumatic pain : in right elbow-joint ; in right forearm ; in right wrist ; along course of ulna ; in knee-joints. Gouty pain : in limbs. Mercurius Vivus - Mercurius Hydrargyrum (Merc.-v) Secondary stage of syphilis. Pressing pain : in ears. Bruised pain : in hips. Burning pain : in stomach. Stinging : at tip of tongue. External piles. Jerking pain : in left half of penis ; region of prostate. Nervous floating pain : in left half of penis ; in region of prostate. Constrictive pain : in chest. Dull pain : in whole head ; in region of spleen. Uneasy pains : in region of heart. Soreness : at root of tongue ; of throat ; in neck up into head ; of legs. Burning : of stomach. Grumbling : in teeth. Constriction : of sphincter ani. Spasmodic twitching : of upper eyelid of right eye. Dull frontal headache. Dull feeling : in head ; in forehead. Dulness : of head. Fulness : in head. Pressure : at cardiac end of stomach ; in rectum. Stupid feeling : in head. Dryness : of throat. Heaviness : of head ; of eyelids. Stiffness : of neck ; of joints. Fluttering : of heart. Cracking : in left ear. Buzzing : in ears. Ringing : in ears. Tired feeling : in back ; in legs. Lameness : of limbs. Itching : of scalp ; of head ; on scrotum ; at right nipple ; on left shoulder-blade ; in armpits.

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