GPS Issues After iOS 8.4 Upgrade? Here’s How To Fix It

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  • November 29, 2016
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It looks like Ubisoft, Regency and 20th Century Fox might actually have a good understanding of what makes the game series so popular … Along with this came its more common cousin, tinnitus. Beyond aesthetics, however, Samsung’s latest flagship is also one of the more difficult smartphones to repair according to iFixit. Once the OnStar app is open, the OwnStar device intercepts communications, and sends packets to the device to acquire addition credentials such as the car owner’s email, home address, some credit card information and, of course, the ability to remotely control the car. Features such as a less power-hungry Edge browser, Windows Ink, Cortana improvements, polished gaming experiences, security upgrades and more were delivered in the update. That worked, I have no idea why, but I have access to GPS again. It seems the issue was the OTA update,” noted MDriscoll2 on the Apple Support forum.

If any app is using more battery than normal, click on it and hit “Force Stop.” Alternately, you can uninstall the app permanently or reinstall it from the Play Store as that may fix the issue. Just like with the other two issues, Bethesda is working with Sony to address this, but the fact that it’s present at all is emblematic of a larger problem that has become increasingly apparent in recent weeks: Fallout 4 on the PS4 is inferior to its Xbox One and PC counterparts.

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