Halitosis: the multidisciplinary approach. – PubMed

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  • November 30, 2016
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People with tinnitus have been “advised to listen to the sea to cure ringing in ears”, according to Metro, the free commuters’ newspaper. It promotes a collaborative approach to treatment that will benefit patients and clinicians alike. The 2nd edition has been thoroughly updated and revised in line with the very latest developments in the field. The book contains 40% new material including two brand new chapters on neurophysiological models of tinnitus and emerging treatments; and the addition of a glossary as well as appendices detailing treatment protocols for use in an audiology and psychology context respectively. It represents a collaborative effort to summarize what is new, but also to provide an evidence–based summary of the available literature. Ever since, a large amount of research is published, often with lack of evidence. Frolenkov.

Emslie has also disclosed that he has served as a consultant to BioBehavioral Diagnostics, Eli Lilly, Forest Laboratories, Shire, Validus Pharmaceuticals, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. They should be well aware of the origin, the detection and especially of the treatment of this pathology. In addition, ear-nose-throat-associated (10%) or gastrointestinal/endocrinological (5%) disorders may contribute to the problem. In the case of halitophobia, psychiatrical or psychological problems may be present. Bad breath needs a multidisciplinary team approach: dentists, periodontologists, specialists in family medicine, ear-nose-throat surgeons, internal medicine and psychiatry need to be updated in this field, which still is surrounded by a large taboo.Multidisciplinary bad breath clinics offer the best environment to examine and treat this pathology that affects around 25% of the whole population. This article describes the origin, detection and treatment of halitosis, regarded from the different etiological origins.

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