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Hearing loss is often associated with the elderly, but this condition is very common and can strike individuals of all ages. These earplugs create a tight, snug and comfortable seal while preventing water from entering your ear canals. He then went on to Harvard Medical School where he completed his internship in General Surgery and residency in Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery. my question, have others here experienced this? The treatment includes frequent cleansing of the ear canal, pain control, oral or topical medications, acidification of the ear canal, and control of predisposing factors. A shotgun blast at close range without protection can exceed 150 dB, permanently damaging your hearing in one single, fleeting moment. The severity of the exostosis can be determined by visually evaluating how narrow the ear canal has become.

Earol® Swim prevents swimmers ear and trapped water. After six months the baby becomes susceptible to illness or infection. Is it the same one for all three?? However, some infections are caused by bacteria and require antibiotics. A CONVENIENT Solution — You don’t remove it or clean it. I am going in for the op in June and want to know which is the best way. Injury to the eardrum can cause perforations and hearing loss.

I have found some American sites that say they go through the ear eg Is through the ear when the growth isn’t too bad yet? I am 95% blocked in one ear, which is bad. The tumor is single, unilateral and pedunculated with a smooth surface; multiple and bilateral lesions are rare. The only way to remove the water or foreign objects is to completely clean the ear canal. Hypertension and increase blood factors, such as stress, alcohol and caffeine can make tinnitus more noticeable pressure. This is why some surgeons have gone back to use a chisel (or osteotom in medical English) and recent literature suggests that this has some advantages for the patients (2,3). Thanks, plus does anyone know of ENT docs in Sydney / Central Coast that might operate through the ear.

My doc has great reviews. Drops are more easily administered if done by someone other than the patient. Dr. Shohet by another doctor, please tell us so we may provide him or her with a report. after having problems for years now my ears are totally clean. over summer I had 3 ear infections in 3 months from kiting. each time they packed me full of drugs and sent me on my merry way.

It’s usually possible to see mouth clicks and other noises visually in the wave form (not to mention through “spectral editing,” which is something I hope to learn how to do soon in Audacity). I use ear plugs now( and for 10 years prior to the surgery), make sure to sterilize them regularly, and use 50/50 distilled white vinegar, 91% rubbing alcohol deep into both ear canals as soon as possible after a surf. she said If I do it once a week or after a big session I shouldnt get anymore. also eating nuts every day will help. not sure how true the nuts thing is but shes a doc so its worth a try. honestly the oil and warm cloth works a treat!!! I haven’t read all the replies so apologies in advance if it’s been said but I have an excess wax supply usually over summer and my problem is solved simply with a small rubber device which I use to pump warm water into my ears which flushes stuff out perfectly.

It is amazing what kind of needlefish attacks have been reported. Here’s what happened with me: 1. Tried to get appointment with doctor – none available for days / week 2. If you’ve noticed changes in your hearing, these hearing problems need to be addressed. ‘Just a small amount of wax and debris, should be ok, use waxol, etc’ 3. If small amt, worried about chemicals, etc so decided to try Sassall’s drops. 4.

Since the advent of robotics, we also have the question of open source hardware. 5. Darren Sassall called back in response to my email – seems when the canals are inflamed, the alcohol in his drops will burn. OK, keep them for more maintenance and see. 6. The most frequently employed surgical techniques involve the postauricular or endaural approaches and the use of different drilling systems and drilling burrs. ‘Just a small amount of wax and debris…etc’.

So went to get waxol. 7. Worse. Water trapped all the time now – almost completely deaf. Wait a few days again for an appointment with the GP. 8. Please see the copyright policy on the journal website for more information.

Your doc is wrong. 9. Better, not as much water getting trapped or deafness, stopped drops at 5d (had 2 surfs in this period) 10. Getting worse again and I haven’t even been in the water or put anything in it – can’t hear, ringing noise, slightly uncomfortable. Stuff this! Not getting anywhere with the GP so try to get a referral – finally spoke to GP after 5d of calling back and forth. 11.

Called specialist but no appointment till September!!?? Back to GP to find another. Also PM’d Turtlehunter to see if he will recommend / remember the name of his. Anyone else? ….watch this space Guess I can be happy I didn’t get my ears candled!! tgladman said… I haven’t read all the replies so apologies in advance if it’s been said but I have an excess wax supply usually over summer and my problem is solved simply with a small rubber device which I use to pump warm water into my ears which flushes stuff out perfectly.

Ask your chemist. I think I had one of them It looks like one of those pumps for cleaning camera’s. Other mammals such as seals get exostosis too. I found by drying your ears religiously the wax buildup wasn’t a problem. It is not totally nutty to do it under local. Get to a specialist fooosh and you can get straight back on the water with some care. Mr Rajan Gunesh this is the man to see, he’s in freo WA, my GP said I have the worst case of exotosis shes has ever seen, cant see ear drum totally closed,and didnt recomend me to local ENT doc, apparently this guy has all the new tools for drilling out the bone short recoveru time too, thats what they say will tell you how it goes in a couple of weeks I havent heard out of left ear for over 3 months getting a bit annoying but good for jamming, rock on!!!

Jared888 said… Mr Rajan Gunesh this is the man to see, he’s in freo WA, my GP said I have the worst case of exotosis shes has ever seen, cant see ear drum totally closed,and didnt recomend me to local ENT doc, apparently this guy has all the new tools for drilling out the bone short recoveru time too, thats what they say will tell you how it goes in a couple of weeks I havent heard out of left ear for over 3 months getting a bit annoying but good for jamming, rock on!!! I have had the lumps ground out of one ear, and if necessary I will get the other one done if I get infections. I’ve been using a rinse of a couple of tee spoons of white vinegar in a glass of water, and flush my ears using a squeeze pump thing you can buy at the chemist. That was the instructions from the ENT that did my operation, and I haven’t had a problem since. He said that the vinegar will neutralise or kill and bugs that will get in your ear. The aqua ear just dries out any of the gunk in your ear, and it forms a scale or coating, It gradually builds up in thickness.

If I get any soreness, I just flush it morning and night and it’s gone in a day or so. When they operated on my ear, they went straight in and broke the skin, and ground it down. I had to have my ear plugged for a few weeks while it healed, and had to keep it dry to prevent infection. They can go in by cutting behind the ear, and lifting the skin up off the lump, and grinding it down, then laying the skin back down, then stitching the skin at the back of the ear up again, that way there is less fear of infection, and it heals faster. They’re extremely skilled at it. All good now. I wouldn’t get just one set of advice though, 2 or 3 for reassurance, especially if they are going to break the skin.

Just because you have a medical degree doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing. Good Luck! Good result Foosh finally. So the lesson might be to get your gp to send you to a specialist after the first prescription doesn’t work. Or even just go out and pay for the specialist straight away. Similar issues here. As a surfer for 20+ years and kiter for 10 years I noticed in the past year increasing instances of an inability to get water out of my ear.

GP had a look and didn’t see anything particularly noticeable. I’d even had a two full hearing assessments in the past three years (one by an ENT) and no one even mentioned anything untoward. This time when I saw an ENT specialist he had a look and immediately said “You have severe exostoses in both ears. Surfer’s Ear.” He cleaned out all the trapped gunk with a miniature vacuum cleaner and everything felt normal again. But wait, there’s more: Normally, your ear canal is the diameter of your little finger. Currently one of my ears has an opening of 1mm and the other less than 1mm. It will eventually close completely, making hearing in that ear impossible.

That makes me a prime candidate for surgery in the next 12 months if I want to continue to hear. After going home and doing a great deal or research, I discovered a significant issue: In Australia, as far as I can tell, all surgeries for exostoses removal are done with a drill, not dissimilar to a dentists drill. You can watch the surgery on any number of YouTube videos — and it is nasty. Had a chat with a mate who’d just had it done and he’s out of the water for several months and said it was pretty gnarly. I ultimately discovered a surgeon in California, Dr. Douglas Hetzler (as identified above by “ksbsurf”) who has developed a far less invasive technique using a 1-2mm chisel tool to remove the exostoses from the ear canal in a way that is superficially similar to chipping barnacles off a boat. The technique is now widely used in America in preference to the drill technique for a number of reasons.

Risks are far lower (e.g., one of the dangers of the drill method is hearing damage from the 130db noise of the drill during the 1+hour surgery, and there is risk of eardrum perforation by the drill, amongst other risks.) Additionally, healing time is much reduced using the chisel method. Go here to see a video of the surgery. (Scroll to the bottom of the page) Problem is, I have been unable to identify any surgeons in Australia using this technique and after several conversations with Dr. Hetzler in California he was also unaware of anyone here who has adopted the technique, despite a presentation he made at an ENT conference in Cairns several years ago and despite the procedure being used successfully in America many thousands of times. SO, if you are finding yourself in a position of requiring surgery, ask your ENT why they are not learning this technique. Surely, with the number of operations in Australia for Surfer’s Ear numbering in what must be the thousands every year, there is clearly an incentive for SOMEONE to learn it here. For the technically-inclined, I’ve posted a copy of Dr.

Hetzler’s journal paper on the procedure on my web page if you want to have a read. Just a footnote here–do yourself a favour and stay away from ear candles and other fringe-dwelling techniques. Most of it is nonsense but, at worst, some of it can be downright dangerous. See a qualified ENT and find out what is going on so you can make an informed decision based on evidence, not speculation. Let’s see if collectively we can get the ENT community to come around to the 21st century and learn this new way of dealing with an issue that is no doubt endemic in our community. Cheers, Rob P.S. Surgery costs for the drill technique are in the $5,000/ear ballpark…Ouch.

Last season I had the same problem over a 6 month period. Every time I had a kite and got water in my ear it would stay in there and after 1 to 2 days begin to ache. Ear would become blocked making hearing difficult and had a noticable increase in tinnitus.A couple of times it became infected – had to go on antibiotics. Tried all the alcohol based solutions that “dry out the water in your ear” no success. Spoke to brother in law who is a doc and said that I didn’t want to stop kiting but also don’t like being on antibiotics. He said to use Auralgan, which is designed to reduce inflammation and soften any wax in the ear. Did this for around 6 weeks and the problems eased considerably.

Been on the water a lot this season and didn’t have a problem once – (either I’m falling off less or its helped the problem) This won’t fix exostoses but will help prevent inflammation and the ultimate infections that occur. Another ENT in perth is Dr Phillip Beinart, I saw him a couple years ago. You need a referral from your GP, but he sorted my ears out. He kites as well or did when I last saw him, so he undestands you wanting to get back on the water quick! “The Facts on Earwax You might wonder about earwax and whether it needs to be cleaned out. Actually, even though earwax seems yucky, it serves a purpose. Your ear canal makes earwax to protect the ear.

After it is produced, it slowly makes its way to the opening of the ear. Then it either falls out or is removed when you wash. I was OK mostly, but very susceptible to temprorary dizziness (like 10-30 seconds) when I turned my head quickly. There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Not all old sayings are true, but this one is! You can hurt your ear by poking around in there. It’s not even a good idea to use a cotton swab.

This can push wax deeper in your ear, where it can get stuck. Irritating the ear canal with a cotton swab can even lead to an ear canal infection.” “It is now official, you shouldn’t clean your ears with a Q-tip. The American Academy of Otolaryngology, aka physicians who specialize in treating issues involving the ear, nose and throat (ENT), have issued clinical guidelines about cleaning your ears. To put it simply, don’t stick anything in your ear that is smaller than your elbow. Earwax, although not so attractive, is important to the health of your ears. The wax is a self-cleaning agent that also has protective properties. “ “There are some people that swear by sticking a cotton swab (Q-Tip) into their ears to remove excess wax and debris.

Anyone in the medical field can tell you, they have seen many catastrophes resulting from using cotton swabs. From punctured ear drums to super impacted wax, there are many negative consequences associated with “do-it-yourself” ear cleaning.” All through childhood I lived in the water with ear infections. My mother taught me to clean my ears with a Q-Tip. She even said I was getting infections cause I wasn’t cleaning them enough. I have been on antibiotics about 12 times for ear infections. I had to use alcohol in my ears to dry them after swimming or risk an infection. In fact I have had ear infections more that 12 times, maybe 30-40 times and would use alcohol to sterilize the ear.

5 years ago I stopped cleaning my ears, haven’t used alcohol or had a problem since. Occasionally a lump of wax (small) will just fall out. Now get this my mother who I speak to regularly, who still cleans her ears religiously, has just started swimming to maintain her health in old age. She is getting ear infections and asked me for advise:-) Millions of years of evolution, just think before you “clean” them. Oh and ask a dermatologist about “soap”. Yep, confirmed, didn’t get much change from $5k for each ear $10k total in the last year, but, the alternative is to live with blocked ears. Doc’s Pro Plugs $25, good insurance.

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