John Cage cover aims for Christmas No 1 with the sound of silence

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  • November 30, 2016
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SADLY On December 8th – YOKO ONO MOURNED THE DEATH OF JOHN LENNON ON the 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS DEATH… I’m not a person that goes in any direction, you know? In mid April, his condition took a turn for the worse and he has been frantically searching for ways to stop this debilitating pain and return to a normal life. The boys who became men have been involved in various bands, most notably Shapeshifter, the drum’n’bass group Redford was a member of until he developed tinnitus, took time out and returned to music as a collaborator with John Toogood in The Adults. Each earphone contains three perfectly balanced miniature speakers – a large dedicated bass speaker for sub frequencies and upper bass, a mid-range speaker for low and high midrange frequencies and a tweeter for the high frequency range. Some couldn’t help but move, fooling noiselessly around or swaying to an inaudible beat, others just lowered their eyes. Veteran lefty Billy Bragg, Suggs, Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard, dance act Orbital, and rock-ravers Enter Shikari were among the bands and artists brought together to recreate the sound of silence.

One of my uncles played in a skiffle band which practised in the house and my dad was always singing Nat King Cole songs. It’s like this Whee!! ‘Suppressive Acts I-X’ also includes an album by Lesser’s pre-electro-clash fake 80’s band The Robotic (think Men Without Hats), recorded in 1995, in MP3 format as well as some videos or something. It is also worth listening out for an air guitar solo, at around the midway point. Moreover, she has received rave reviews in the media for the performance.[3][4] In November 2013, Barrino returned to Broadway in the musical After Midnight.[5] On October 16, 2014, she was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame. After leaving Motown, Ross achieved her sixth and final number-one hit with the duet “Endless Love”. The brainchild of David Hilliard, an art therapy student, the Facebook campaign was started as a joke in the summer, but took on a new life as Temple-Morris and Joe Hutchinson of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool encouraged musicians to get involved.

Whether the single can harness the anti-Simon Cowell feeling that propelled RATM to the yuletide top spot remains to be seen, but the anarchic coalition has already garnered a substantial following, with more than 60,000 fans on Facebook. Townshend has suffered from tinnitus in his ears for at least a quarter-century, and Daltrey had a pre-cancerous growth removed from his throat in 2010. Calm, a service for young men at risk of suicide, is among the charities that will benefit, along with the British Tinnitus Association, Youth Music, Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy and Sound and Music.

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