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  • November 29, 2016
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Just joined the forum today. For this reason, we’re not going to remove this post, as the everything in it is still applicable. We believe all of our clients deserve the best and we assist them to select the best  products. Our belief is that all of our clients deserve the best and we work with them to select the best products, which include wireless and clear hearing aids and Zen programs to help tinnitus sufferers. Since most people with hearing impairments hear well in a quiet environment like a doctor’s office, it can be virtually impossible for your physician to recognize the extent of your problem. We believe in affordability by introducing a fair pricing guarantee you won’t see elsewhere, that guarantees you pay less than you would at conventional clinics and still get more service and treatment. The Alto comes in three different power levels, with a maximum output of 127dB SPL.

Are you looking for devices that are easy to handle and feature long battery life? If a hearing loss is suspected, an appointment with one of our certified Audiologists should be made for the purposes of testing and evaluation. I can return the hearing aid for a refund within 40 days if I don’t like it (minus a $75 fee). Testing is painless, comfortable and safe. Hearing is our most critical sense when it comes to our ability to communicate, and even small degrees of hearing loss can have profound effects on how we interact and connect with others. Part of my job is to ensure you are prescribed the most appropriate aids for your loss and lifestyle requirements, this does not automatically mean the most expensive aids will be the most suitable. A stranger comes up and asks for directions.

These hearing aids must be placed by our professionally-trained staff. Relief from tinnitus is now available at your fingertips! It has also been described as whistling, hissing, buzzing, or pulsing in the ear. These sounds may come and go, but for most tinnitus sufferers, the symptoms produce a constant, maddening drone. It does not go away overnight; it takes time to retrain the brain. With chatter all around, Motion rises to the challenge. Its automatic SpeechMaster function singles out speech while simultaneously engaging noise reduction and eWindScreen™ binaural to reduce wind noise and suppress the sound of cars, so that you hear every word clearly.

At a lively gala, your discussion is one in a crowd of conversations, but Motion manages it superbly. When the party moves into a large ballroom, the chatter bounces around left, right, and center. For this reason I continue to choose Hearing Associates for my hearing loss needs. Motion’s HD Music program delivers outstanding sound quality specially created to let you fully enjoy music. that are in the white noise, pink noise and brown noise frequencies to help the auditory system become less sensitive to tinnitus, and promote relaxation by reducing the contrast between tinnitus sounds and background sound. For people who can only hear on one side, listening can be extremely strenuous in many daily situations. Understanding speech is particularly difficult in noisy surroundings and can be very exhausting.

Make sure the hearing aid includes a warranty that covers parts and labor for a specified period. Wireless technology helps them hear and understand every word again. In addition, it significantly reduces their listening effort. People with a unilateral un-aidable hearing loss are particularly challenged. Whether on the street, in the office, or talking with friends, sounds and voices are indistinct or not heard at all when they come from the “wrong” side. Constantly moving your head to try to hear better is strenuous and also not always an option, for example when driving. Above all, the ability to understand speech is severely limited.

The new Signia CROS Pure device that wirelessly transmits the signals from the ear with hearing loss to the other ear can help. Bringing the kids to school in the morning, meeting friends during your lunch break, watching TV in the evening. Every day is filled with different listening situations and conversations. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stream sound right into your ears, discreetly adjust your hearing aids, and easily recharge them? Transforming wireless hearing aids into a high-quality stereo headset is simple. The smart multi-function button lets you turn easyTek™ on and off, answer a phone call, change listening programs, or easily switch audio sources like music players, TVs, and more with just one button. The straightforward volume controls allow you to quickly change the volume of your hearing aids.

And the easy-to-read LED lights give you important information, such as when it’s time to recharge the battery. Even exceeding the easyTek in features, the easyTek App lets you see the status of your hearing aids on your smartphone’s screen, stream sound from audio sources, or use it as a remote control. And because you can make all adjustments with your smartphone, changing your hearing aid settings simply looks like you’re checking a text message. Taking the kids to school in the morning, meeting friends during your lunch break, watching TV in the evening: Every day is full of different listening situations and conversations. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stream sound right into your ears, discreetly adjust your hearing aids and easily recharge them?

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