My cold turkey and floxed story.

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  • November 29, 2016
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I am 4 months too early to be a real protracted but I assume I will officially be here one day. Please remember that I must have ct’d over and over again at least 6 times, because I did not know my sx were drug related and believed my idiot GP. My journey however, started last July, when I started vomiting, lasted for 10 days. Hope this helps some . Two months ago I kicked Kratom (5-10 UEI Grams daily). I started with the hydroxyl-B12 drops from Holistic Health; I had insomnia problems with this, and felt a little “overrevved”, but adapted. feeling full of unnatural and not necessarily pleasant energy, or perhaps almost electric or wired-up or burnt-out etc.), tremor and/or muscle jerking or twitching, feeling on edge (almost literally on edge – an odd angst), convulsive episodes/seizures, and all of which might be like any of those mentioned above, are symptoms which I would put into the primarily-benzo wd category.

I have cold turkeyed phenibut before .. I had plans to get this blog up and running in early January, but the site launch was delayed when I suffered a concussion this past December. To your more immediate needs: .25 mg daily (I assume you are taking one a day) is a low dose. Well another cause I have thought of was the pain I got in my neck last friday. I stopped for a week and the T is still lower than before. I also had many CNS problems which I contribute to benzo tolerance for close to a year. I went to many specialist trying to figure out what was going on with my body and each one was stumped.

They all had my prescription history and not one made the connection. My fear of going to bed was no longer there, my excessive use of floor fans and white noise machines diminished and I felt I was on the path to habituation. It’s by far the biggest threat I have faced in my life. He had seen the symptoms before and advised me to wean myself off them. I was stupid and decided I wanted off right then and there and did my cold turkey. March Started getting windows of relief at the beginning of the month. !

So I’ve gone down this road several times with the recommended psychiatrists, exploring whether or not this symptom was a conversion disorder. There are about a dozen anti-convulsants that a neurologist will use for that. Had a number of cortisone shots. They were never intended to be the long term solution to these problems. Roger Sanchez, Dubfire, Moby, Smokin Jo, Tom Stephan, Jody “Way out West” and Jon Carter: à ¢ â,¬â “I used to have these huge speakers that the rooms of the orchestra at Abbey Road came, they were far above and I used it in full volume of up to 48 hours of hours, à ¢ â,¬Å play ? Couldn’t eat solid food. I have been all over the U.S.

Pain moved to my lower left side. Doctor sent me to hospital for G.I. series to rule out appendicitis. Ruled out appendicitis but discovered mass in large intestine. They wanted to admit me and do exploratory surgery. Very apprehensive about this and they kept offering me benzos even though I told them this was what got me into this mess by doing a cold turkey. Be sure that you try the hearing aid before buying one, as tinnitus is not always helped by an aid.

Since this procedure perforates the eardrum, it is difficult to evaluate its effectiveness for tinnitus. Just very lost and confused still. By the end of the month almost all my withdrawal symptoms returned with a few new ones. They prevent a lot of misery/suffering and help a lot of people live better and happier lives. Forehead feels super tight mostly on left side. Feels as though my face is distorted. Confusion Gravity effect- don’t know what to really call this one.

Laying down I would fell like I was being sucked into the bed, sitting down felt like I was being sucked into the chair, standing up I would fell super heavy. May No windows I know this isn’t politically correct but was for sure I made myself retarded. Anyone who called me I would tell them I was retarded. Couldn’t understand anything I watched on television. Prayed I would die in my sleep. I was for sure I would never ever get better and would live forever with protracted withdrawals. I wanted to reinstate and try tapering.

People on the forum in chat told me I was to far out and it was a bad idea. June No change except I could eat Still was for sure I was retarded and would repeat this over and over to anyone who would listen. Finally towards the end of the month started to get great windows. July I call this my night and day month. It seemed as though the past months was just a really bad nightmare. I knew the worse was over. The only symptoms that were lingering was a slight tightness in my throat and tinnitus.

The gravity effect was lifting. I started back slowly doing cardio and lifting weights. September The few days here and there when I do get flare ups are a cake walk for me. I have days where there is no tinnitus. I consider myself at least 90% healed. I am actually loving life again. I had to come back and edit this.

Shortly after writing this symptoms came back and lasted for a few months. Once I got close to a year off I noticed major improvements. Sept 1 2011 made 20 months since my CT. I am completely healed except for a bit of tinnitus that has greatly improved. Some days it is totally gone. I’m sure this last symptom will eventually fade away just like the others did.

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