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  • December 1, 2016
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John D. Credit: Fibonacci Blue via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)The recent Orlando nightclub tragedy has triggered a strong response from grantmakers and nonprofits alike, forging some new alliances. Most notably, he challenged the subjective nature of composition and forever changed our understanding of how artworks are not just windows to other worlds but sit squarely in the ones that they (and we) inhabit. Rahr is currently on the Forbes billionaire list, and is worth $2.1 billion as of this writing. Now he runs one of the most successful hedge funds in the country, Bridgewater Associates, and is worth more than $15 million. Foundation for Women to support a project called Child Sexual Abuse: A Social Justice Prevention Model. Overall, the foundations’ aim to serve vulnerable populations that have disproportionate sexual health service and rights needs.

Some of these fellowship are longstanding, like those sponsored by the Open Society Foundations. In 2015, $57.2 million went towards general education, followed by $42.3 million to international and Israel causes, and $37.9 million for community organizations. Turnover not only impacts revenue, but also the relationship and the momentum of annual fundraising. The river supplies water to 40 million people in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. The Rosenkranz Foundation also created an initiative called the Translation Project, which starts with assumption that “the ‘war on terror’ is a war of ideas.” The initiative has supported the Cato Institute’s Lamp of Liberty whose aim is to translate the works of Adam Smith, Voltaire, and others, into Arabic. The grants range from approximately $600,000 to $1.2 million, depending on annual production of new teachers. On the other hand, this outfit does have a professional staff, in contrast to a lot of hedge funder foundations we see.

After WDN unveiled the Who Leads Us? This has been shown to be true at the state level as well, where the value of the deduction also varies, depending on the existence or level of state income tax or on individual state incentives for charitable giving. The Fry Foundation considers grant requests in three of its four program areas on a rotating basis, and the March 1 cycle (for requests reviewed in May) includes grants for arts learning, education and health. As well, critics of inequality have argued that huge financial rewards for financiers and CEOs have produced rash risk taking, leading to crashes that derail growth. When it was operational, Connect made annual grants to 242 organizations, totaling $10.8 million. These challenges, in fact, have been baked into many parts of U.S. While initially a regional interest, the Lavines have become interested in supporting public school systems across the country.

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