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[X] Review of available records (without in‐person or video telehealth examination) using the Acceptable Clinical Evidence (ACE) process because the existing medical evidence provided sufficient information on which to prepare the DBQ and such an examination will likely provide no additional relevant evidence. I have sent in any new evidence, so there is nothing they haven’t seen now. Determining Impaired Hearing as a Disability Per 38 CFR 3.385, impaired hearing is considered a disability for VA purposes when· the auditory threshold in any of the frequencies 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 Hertz is 40 decibels or greater· the auditory thresholds for at least three of the frequencies 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, or 4000 Hertz are 26 decibels or greater, or· speech recognition scores using the Maryland CNC Test are less than 94 percent.Notes: · Sensorineural hearing loss is considered an organic disease of the nervous system and is subject to presumptive service connection under 38 CFR 3.309(a). Tinnitus and hearing loss are the top two most compensated disabilities in the Veterans Benefits Administration. Veteran stated that in 2009, he started part-time work at FEMA instead, and continued in this position until 2012. And there have to be very real damages. The Veterans Law Blog is now the largest and longest running blog on Veterans Benefits, written by a VA Accredited Attorney, and focusing entirely on Title 38 Claims for Service Connected Disability.

In Burden v. Over the years, the list of serious medical conditions that are known to be caused by exposure to Agent Orange – not only in Veterans but in the children of Veterans exposed to Agent Orange. Gerald Boyer applied to VA for service connection for bilateral hearing loss. Louis encephalitis while in the service, you may be able relate that to the secondary conditions of high or low frequency hearing loss, tinnitus, and complex sleep apnea. That will be a year in the NWQ. May 15, 2014 . 0 Yes 0 No If yes, check all that apply and complete the corresponding Questionnaire(s): 0 Eating Disorders 0 Mental Disorders (Other Than PTSD) 0 PTSD (Initial or Review) Note: Mental evaluations must be conducted by a specialist.

Just because we were able to secure substantial past-due benefits for one Veteran does not mean or imply that we will be able to do so for you. Bottom line – if the VA Regional Office issued a decision in your claim (before October 6, 2006) which granted service connection based on newly discovered service records, check your effective date. I don’t have time for a law suite or BVA and they know it. Find answers to common hearing loss questions here. August 2011 VA Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Disability Benefits Questionnaire examination.

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