Please Help! Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, distorted hearing

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  • November 29, 2016
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Dont know what to do or think anymore. Like a bunch of kettles whistling. There have been a couple of weeks where it’s dissapeared, but it always comes back. I wouldn’t worry too much just yet, it (tinnitus) might very well go away in due time. Fans and loud noises cause pressure changes in the Eustachian tube. I feel like its so loud that i feel it on the entire right side of my face and head. The purpose of the tensor muscle is to protect the cochlea from obtrusive noise and because your tolerance is lower and noises are precieved loud, your tensor muscle could be contracting to normal sounds, when it should not.

What I hadn’t been prepared for was that I would never, ever know silence again. McKeown says that some of the most common ones are ringing, whooshing, hissing, and also mechanical sounds like pneumatic drills and machinery. One time, I went through an entire week with nothing but hearing that flat-line sound, which began to slowly drive me insane, to the point I was pouring things that I shouldn t have, into my ears; of course that did not help and I highly recommend to never pour anything into your ears. You should stick to a low salt diet and drink lots of fluids, that might well be your problem, as it is mine. light-headedness.. Also, try to exercise as this good for blood flow and helps to regulate fluids as well. My allergist says the  crackling might go away with  Claratin with a steroid nasal spray for several weeks.

Chest pain, headaches, and high blood pressure. Tinnitus often develops after exposure to loud noise, ear infections or injuries affecting nerve endings. A few minutes ago, I used a sweep generator software to know the frequency of that pure tone and it seems to be around 2000Hz, maybe less. Like others have said, H onset, physiology and remedies are different for different people. My cause I am sure is from repeated trauma. I used to be certain discipline of a competition pistol shooter. If you suspect you have tinnitus and are bothered by it, you’ll need an evaluation as well as a hearing test.

While most guys would practice a few hundred shots a week or month, I was doing a thousand a week. I’m sure I did irrepairable damage. And I wore double hearing protection! Even if I had the money, I’m sure that I would be a tough challenge for nueromonic training therapy. So, MY – Secret? I worked in medical sales before the internet was here. My job required me to stay on the cutting edge of breakthrough medicine, thus I spent a lot of time in the libraries of teaching hospitals pouring through medical journals.

I don’t remember really finding anything of real value on H, maybe some minor related items, but since I was having major migraines triggered by H, I focused on migraine breakthrough with drugs. That’s when I came across an article about Zoloft. Of course no locals were  using it for that, it was experimental. I had to talk my physician into  RXing it for me. It cut my triggers by 70%. You don’t need to worry about this happening – I’m pretty sure it’s tmjd related. The symptoms were intermediate.

And this is why none of you should ever,ever put 100% of your faith in doctors! they are still forcing sertraline on me because they they think i’m depresed. Well, anxiety – like water – ‘needs’ a channel, something through which to flow. They just have too much on their plate. They can’t keep up on everything and know it all. They are human too. I was managing to cope all year with my noise on.

But – it may get your doctors mind to ticking in right direction and maybe come up with something for you. Quote: And this is why none of you should ever,ever put 100% of your faith in doctors! Sometimes, you have to do the footwork yourself. I am not slamming them. They just have too much on their plate. ENT said it was not my sinuses and my ears were fine (no hearing loss) MRI,CT all normal too. The experience by people who say it does become louder is purely subjective.

My hot flashes have been getting worse even though they say I have 5-10 yrs to go before menopause. There are less than 100. I managed to memorize them all in under 2 months. Wow, I had no idea! Less than 100. From Heather: Currently getting a work up for the pulsatile tinnitus I’ve had for over six months. In addition to taking natural supplements that benefit tinnitus patients, you should also try to include many healthy vitamin-rich foods in your diet that help to promote good hearing.

Kind of like how Fibromyalgia was looked upon as little as 5- 7 years ago. It is just now getting the true respect as a disease state with the emergence of Lyrica. I can’t tell you how many physicians that I called on told me that they believed FM patients  had it all in their heads. Deafleg – I did a couple of internships with ENTs. In their defense and not, it’s all about time and money. H patients not only take a lot of time, but the  doc must research “off the clock” and learn the disease state as well. Even worse- if the ENT group belongs to a “Healthcare System”.

The big guns of the systems look at the books and see the average time spent with a patient is 14 minutes and average earnings for each individual doc are X $$. Hi Ya: I too have been suffering with Tinnitus & Hyperacusis and just was recently formally diagnosed by a terrific audiologist at St. Mike’s hospital here in Toronto, Canada. It was actually my ENT at the hospital that suggested noise sensitivity training a very caring doctor, as my other ENT that I have been seeing for years told me I would just have to live with it. I have been told I am a candidate for TRT & am waiting on my white noise generator which is to be worn in the ear at all times except bedtime. It could take about 3 – 4 months to be habitutated to the generator as I have had Tinnitus for so long. The audiologist said it’s controlled by a remote control & I am really looking forward to having some relief at last.

For me at this point it’s not the Tinnitus so much but the noise sensitivity that’s driving me crazy as we have neighbors who constantly play loud music & have loud parties. They just don’t give a bloody crap! Even though some of the tenants next door are on the 1st floor I can hear/feel the vibrations when I am on our 3rd floor – at times I think I am going to lose my mind.

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