Titanium Ball Piercing Earrings Pair in 3mm

This small snake wrap gothic stud earring is designed for left ear, quite stylish wrap design and with a blue dangling bead and a shining rhinestone inlaid. 5/16 inch (8mm)-Slightly longer than 1/4 inch but still on the shorter side 3/8 inch (10mm)-Average length post. Etched and fringed chain detail. This deal will be available from 17:00 today 5th Feb 2016 until Sunday 7th Feb midnight in the UK or anyone with access to an account. So I wanted earrings that I could keep in most of the time that I would not be allergic to. These work great for that purpose! The quality went down by a lot! Rhinestone Color: Clear. That’s because they are for piercing. I had let my ears close over years ago as I couldn’t wear earrings anymore due to allergies. These were perfect – they poked through my original holes, and my ears … Continue Reading →


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If you have candidiasis, you may experience tinnitus, fluid in the ear and ear pain

Considering the high incidence of chronic urticaria among female patients and the frequent difficulty in identifying the etiologic factor of factors the author decided to investigate the possible role of Candida albicans and other yeasts usually found as contaminants in certain foods and beverages or purposely cultivated for industrial products, as the sensitizing agents leading to the clinical picture of chronic urticaria. Before bedtime take chamomile tea or miso soup.This candida diet recipes contain cleansing foods that will help you. The aim of this study was the molecular characterization of what appeared to be an ongoing C. Whether sitting or standing i would experience it. Many of these devices produce actual sounds in the high frequency ranges. Certain disorders, for example diabetes mellitus, and the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy or with oral contraceptives, may also encourage growth of the fungus. The recognition of risk factors, introduction of prophylactic … Continue Reading →