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The condition can vary quite a lot. For example, some people find loud noises extremely uncomfortable, some find certain noises particularly annoying, some develop a fear of certain noises, while others experience pain when hearing ordinary sounds. Some people become afraid of sound and avoid noisy situations, causing them to become socially isolated. School and work life can also suffer as it can be very difficult to concentrate. Visit your GP if you have a severe sound intolerance. They can examine your ears and refer you to an ear, nose and throat (ENT) consultant or a hearing specialist (audiologist) for tests if necessary. There are no tests that can definitively diagnose hyperacusis, but you may be asked to fill in a questionnaire about your symptoms and have a hearing test to determine what level of sound causes a reaction. These therapies are widely available privately, and may be available on the … Continue Reading →

Leopards Leap, chapter 21, by Graeme

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TINNITUS IS THE PERCEPTION OF A SOUND IN THE absence of an external acoustic stimulus and it affects roughly 10-15% of the population. High frequencies (around 4kHz) are usually the first to be lost after noise trauma (which is a major cause of sensorineural hearing loss), as well as in presbycusis (age-dependent hearing loss). Nonetheless what goes on towards the distinguishing measures any time right now there is apparently something entirely wrong with your ears? Assessment tools included comprehensive audiology, a subjective self-assessment survey of tinnitus characteristics, and the THI. Therefore, it is better to try to banish the annoyance of tinnitus in the depths of his own consciousness through habituation or retraining methods. Somatic Tinnitus is a kind of subjective tinnitus, in which the frequency or intensity of body movements, such as jaw clenched, eyes rotate, or apply pressure to the head and neck is changed. Medical conditions such … Continue Reading →