The Best Essential Oils for Menopause

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  • November 30, 2016
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Insomnia: Sleep-promoting oils  – including bergamot, chamomile, clary sage, frankincense, geranium, lavender, melissa, mandarin, neroli (orange blossom), rose, sandalwood, and tangerine – can be inhaled, rubbed on the skin with massage oil or lotion, or used in bath water. The relaxation & relief from stress & tension that reflexology offers,  is able to support the changes in the body & provide some relaxing time out to recharge rebalance allowing positive energy to flow within your body!!! My daughter tried massaging which makes it a little better but doesn’t clear it. 1. The bad news is that almost half of the population develops unhealthy hemorrhoids at some point in their lives but the good news is that hemorrhoids can be treated and prevented using natural home remedies. In fact, it’s not always even pain. 1) Ginkgo Biloba The Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center states that gingko may decrease the intensity of altitude illness, but notes that evidence thus far is made up of a mix of results.

When applied to the skin, suction is created which draws an increase of blood and Qi (vital energy) to an area of injury and imbalance. If the recipient has recently suffered trauma to the head or has undergone ear,nose or throat surgery then a physician should be consulted prior to the administration of the drops as perforation of the eardrum should be excluded as a causitive factor to pain or discomfort. For whatever reason, be it a head trauma or an infection, these crystals can get dislodged. It can tell the cell what the correct DNA code ought to be. There are many different types of essential oils that are used for a multitude of purposes – one single essential oil can have up to a hundred different compounds inside of it. Likely, the treatment time starts all over when you miss a treatment. Herbalist Susun Weed borrowed this homemade recipe from another herbalist called Rina Nissim.

Either soak fresh chickweed (get it here) in olive or coconut oil for five to six weeks and then apply it to your vagina, or blend clary sage oil with olive or coconut oil and apply it to your vagina twice a day for lubrication and elasticity.8 As neither was specific about the measurements, a safe approach is to start with one drop of oil per tablespoon and work it up from there. sophisticated listening and supportive therapy for control of consciousness and hyper active desensitize the ear. I had a crash course in this when I had adenomyosis, which is a uterine disease. Rather dilute it too much with the carrier oil than too little. Diffuse an estrogen emulator like clary sage in your office or at home for at least five hours every day. This must be the foundation of your menopause management program, because it compensates in a small way for one of the main sex hormones you are losing. Unfortunately, no one has yet discovered an oil that mimics progesterone.

When the Eustachian tubes become blocked, feel full and stuffy ear, your hearing may be somewhat less intense, as they need to “pop”. The cholesterol level is often elevated, and what blood goes to the head is filled with cholesterol and fat which causes it to thicken so that it cannot penetrate into the delicate arteries of the organs in the head. You can also ask your partner to massage it into your back and shoulders in the early evening to keep you cool before you go to bed. For vaginal lubrication and elasticity, mix one and a half tablespoons of coconut oil, one drop of clary sage, and one drop of lavender and massage it into your vagina twice a day. The most important thing is to give yourself grace, time, and patience. I slept fine and woke up with a LOW headache of 1! You can also apply a bit to your forehead if you have a headache.

For night-time pain relief, mix three tablespoons of carrier oil, 8 drops of sweet marjoram, and 8 drops of Roman chamomile and apply the oil the same as the daytime blend. Use sparingly and consult a doctor. To find out if a product marketed with drug claims is FDA-approved, contact FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), at In spite of not being able to continue with school, or get a job, he was being as productive as his poor health would let him, studying online and trying to do his share around the house. If you must use it monitor any change in milk supply closely if using Peppermint while nursing. Improve Your Shampoo –Add 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil to your regular morning shampoo and conditioner to stimulate the scalp, energize your mind, and wake up! It works like other NSAIDS, but is supposed to be more gentle on the belly, as my PCP describes it.

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#6 – Do Nothing I realize this isn’t helpful at all, but as I searched around and read about this subject, I found that there’s consensus among the traditional medical community that eye floaters are generally harmless, and are typically more of an annoyance than a serious problem. Saeki, Y., The effect of foot-bath with or without the essential oil of lavender on the autonomic nervous system: a randomized trial. Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 2000. 8(1). Available from: 4. Srivastava, J.K., E.

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Weed, S., Vaginal Distress. Weed Wanderings Herbal eZine. You may not eat on silver every day, but bracelets, earrings, necklaces often need some love. When Lyme spriochetes are inside the cells, antibiotics, the immune system and even monolaurin can’t get to them because the cell walls actually protect them. Use them topically AROUND the ear, and/or apply to a cotton ball and gently insert the cotton ball into the ear canal. East West Aroma School. Available from:

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