The Surprising Link Between Hypothyroidism and Breast Cancer No One Will Tell You

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  • November 30, 2016
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It has been established that fluoride has the ability to alter your endocrine function, yet this fact is being ignored by the agencies and associations that continue to promote the practice of water fluoridation. As Rob mentions, many here have gone through the trials and tribulations of INF treatment. Dr Joel M. But could normal hormone levels also be linked to well-being? I assumed it was my busy schedule. I am not an endocrinologist so for simplicity’s sake, I will focus on the thyroid gland itself rather than all the many connections the thyroid has with other parts of the endocrine system and the body. I didn’t experience this symptom at all when I was on an appropriate dose of TH, and when I didn’t have too much disparity between T3/Iodine and T4 when I was not.

This showed that the mutated thyroid hormone receptor meant the mice were unable to sufficiently regulate the constriction of their blood vessels. The thyroid gland needs about 1/5000th of a gram of iodine daily to be used in formation of these two hormones. As published in the journal Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, Italian researchers have discovered a possible link between this popular drug treatment and an increased lung cancer risk. All of these glandular tissues concentrate iodine in order to maintain healthy cell architecture. It is treated with a synthetic form of thyroxine, taken in a pill. As for carbimazole, manufacturer Roche warns that patients should be alert to the onset of sore throat, mouth ulcers, fever or other symptoms which might suggest bone marrow depression. Ultrasound of the neck showed swellings in the left parotid gland and the left thyroid lobe.

Also if you are on thyroid medication, it is worth finding out exactly what type you are on. They are often found in patients with chronic somatic diseases, among these thyroid dysfunction [2]. It includes a variety of medical conditions that affect football players’ quality of life and length of life. We’re asking the question and asking for everyone’s input. he said. I looked online for help and found stories about tinnitus cures which were mostly scams, I read on forums that antidepressents may help with tinnitus sufferers and how coffee and tea can aggravate the ringing. You guessed it ─ these changes can lead to Breast Cancer.

Treatment for the first cancer could affect the risk of developing the second. It is also a treatable condition, but not curable, however, long term prognosis is good with proper treatment. I hear from many thyroid patients who say “My thyroid tests were ‘normal’ but I still think I have a thyroid problem.” And my first question is, what was normal according to your doctor? With all the radiation that we are exposed to these days (especially after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011), maintaining adequate amounts of Iodine in the body is vital for the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland and other glandular tissues. The great news is that when tissues are nourished with enough iodine, depleted cells can revert back to healthy, normal cells. Supplementation with products that contain both iodine and potassium iodide can be very beneficial. I myself have HepC antibodies but do not have Hepatitis C virus.

Breast Cancer prevention includes taking steps to ensure proper thyroid function ─ and a healthy thyroid begins with proper amounts of iodine in the body. According to Dr.

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