Tinnitus Hypnotherapy – Joanne Alder Hypnotherapy

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  • November 29, 2016
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When you have tinnitus or any illness, there are emotional issues of feelings attached to the illness within the neurology of the person. The sound is internal, it can be continuous or intermittent, it might also vary in volume. Tinnitus can be caused by many different conditions, especially noise-induced hearing loss, but also infections, allergies, side-effects of medicines and ageing. Some people say they hear more than one sound. Exposure to loud music can also lead to tinnitus. In 2012 Lorraine set up the Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy, and she is the author of a book called ‘How to be a Hypnotherapist’. Hypnotherapy is not a cure per se, but rather it is a tool which can help the client manage the symptoms of the tinnitus in a far more healthy manner.

A sudden, concerted quiver seemed to go how to treat tinnitus naturally over the whirling maze of lights aloft. Along the path a hearing signal travels to get from the inner ear to the brain, there are many places where things can go wrong to cause tinnitus. Results : The two groups were similar in terms of tinnitus severity and age range. Call me on 07850 444 875 and I can discuss your personal requirements in further detail. This is done by teaching the mind to focus elsewhere.

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