Titanium Ball Piercing Earrings Pair in 3mm

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  • December 14, 2016
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This small snake wrap gothic stud earring is designed for left ear, quite stylish wrap design and with a blue dangling bead and a shining rhinestone inlaid. 5/16 inch (8mm)-Slightly longer than 1/4 inch but still on the shorter side 3/8 inch (10mm)-Average length post. Etched and fringed chain detail. This deal will be available from 17:00 today 5th Feb 2016 until Sunday 7th Feb midnight in the UK or anyone with access to an account. So I wanted earrings that I could keep in most of the time that I would not be allergic to. These work great for that purpose! The quality went down by a lot!

Rhinestone Color: Clear. That’s because they are for piercing. I had let my ears close over years ago as I couldn’t wear earrings anymore due to allergies. These were perfect – they poked through my original holes, and my ears healed in about 3 days. I wore them for about 3 weeks straight, and had no sensitivity to the titanium. And now I am wearing other titanium earrings. Yea.

Only caveats: they are a little hard to take off because the backs click in place, very securely. And the posts are a little too long for my ear. But for my purposes, they were perfect, and I would definitely recommend them. I am highly allergic to all metals. Only solid titanium will suffice. I took the chance and bought 4 pairs. Two for me and two for my daughters.

We all have major ears issues. After several months of wearing them non-stop, we have no problems. I will be ordering more. I purchased these because my ears, although they have been pierced for more than 10 years, are becoming increasingly sensitive to nickel. All of my earrings were irritating my ears and I needed something easy to leave in. These are perfect. Although the back is difficult to remove, it makes the earrings very secure for all activities.

They are also comfortable for sleeping (even in my cartilage piercing). Well worth it. I’ve had pierced ears for ages but haven’t worn earrings in a long time and piercings had partially closed. As others have commented, these earrings feel very comfortable. I wear them constantly, even while sleeping or showering, and don’t notice them at all. However, getting them in was a different story. You do need tweezers or something similar to get them out of the plastic casing they arrive in (these are intended for use with a piercing gun).

And I found it very difficult to insert the backing piece once the post was in my ear. What worked for me was to first insert the post into the backing a few times before putting the post into my ear–the fit is very tight and this seemed to loosen it up a bit. For now, and until my piercings heal, this is all I plan to wear. Not sure that taking them in and out will be practical.

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