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  • November 30, 2016
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Internally threaded jewelry is jewelry where the ball has a threaded post that sticks out, and this screws into a hollow-end barbell. All of our body jewelry are designed and manufactured in the USA. Slightly more awkward using it to remove fitted rings but using the tips seems to work fairly well. Striving to be the best form of piercing jewelry option, these captive rings can compete with any other piercing because of its uniqueness. This Janna with Body Candy, and today I’m gonna show you a little bit about ball closure rings. They’re used in a lot of different piercings, (she holds up the ring at this point) and a lot of people find it very tricky to take the ball in and out when they’re at home after they order them and are changing their jewelry. So, we’re gonna give you some tips about how you can do this at home.

This is a deal that is too good to pass, get it while it lasts. Make sure your hands and the jewelry are very clean, use anti-bacterial soap, and then you wanna cover the drain with a paper towel or a tissue to make sure that if you drop the ball it doesn’t go rolling down the drain. These piercings require a straight post and a ring would without a doubt increase migration of the piercing and other problems mainly because the size of the ring that would be needed would need to be much larger than needed. So, this is how you take ’em apart: hold the ring in your stronger hand, grab the ball, squeeze the ring a little bit, (she grips the ring and carefully removes the ball) and the ball will pop out. The ball has little divots on either side, (she’s turns the ball to reveal its indentations) and when you’re ready to put the ball back in, line up the divot that’s on the bottom, (she lines up the divot on the ball and forces it back into the ring) and pop the ball back into place. We also have these rings that are just called closure rings, (she moves on, holding up a closure ring with pink and clear gemstones) and they’re even easier to put back together, because the piece that closes it (she points out the closure) doesn’t roll away like a ball. You hold the ring the same way, pull on the closure piece, (she demonstrates) it comes out, it also has little divots on the top and the bottom.

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