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  • November 30, 2016
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My ears were pierced with a 16g when I was 7 and I’m now 19. Since it seems you were not given this cleaning solution- you should dissolve sea salt in some warm water and use that to clean the area. complicated would not be right… This allows the pierced channel to be exposed to air for part of each day. My ear is throbbing and I got it done not yesterday but the day before, it is my cartilige, and it is like a purply red colour.. I’ve cleaned it with alcohol and rotated the earrings. When done pierced, the piercing site is still a wound until it completely heals.

This generally resolves without your intervention, but taking anti-inflammatory medicines and putting something cold on the site help reduce the swelling faster. Most likely, you will require a week of antibiotics and also make sure you give your ears a break from any earrings (including the clip on earrings!). When he woke up the next morning his ear lobe (not his inner, or middle ear) was red and swollen with tiny papules and clear puss like fuid leaking out. Guns are not sterile. When a person first suspects that they are getting an infection in the pierced area they should clean the area properly. Soon after getting the ear pierced, you should not wear any earrings which are too heavy for the piercing. This will make the wound more severe and delay healing process.

Instead, use small studs which are not too tight on your piercing. Although can be barely seen, some people possess pores and follicles on their ear lobes which are prone to infection when wounded. Hence, when this kind of pores and follicles are present on your pierced ear lobes and you unintentionally touch it with dirty, unwashed hands, transmitted bacteria are going to reside and infest these sites. As the result, your pierced ear lobes will undergo infection, which can be repetitive, as these sensitive pores or follicle will respond to every bacteria infestation transmitted from unsterile hands and objects. Ear lobe cyst occurs in a form of bump you can feel (or see) on or around the pierced site. This cyst is not harmful if it does not grow bigger and causes elevating pain overtime. I have not changed them or taken them out since.

There are many cases of on-again-off-again pierced infection caused by allergies to nickel alloy—the material earrings can be made of. I did play tennis and sweat a bit, but cleaned it that night. These two materials are proven to minimize infection caused by allergies in pierced ears.

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